Growth Consulting Services 

“Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat” ~ Sun Tzu

Whether you're bootstrapped or funded, you need a dependable and scalable system to attract and keep customers.

Even if you had bundles of cash to throw at ads, they will be blocked and ignored. Even if you've made a great start with your little black book of contacts, this is not a scalable approach.

We can help you figure out and implement a cost-effective marketing system to acquire & retain the customers you need for sustainable revenue growth... and get a better deal with investors.

How We Can Help You


Get specific recommendations for actions you can take in the next 90 days. Tell us where you're at, your goals and challenges. We'll help you clarify a 90-day Objective and how to hit it. For FREE!

Level Up

Let us take the strain on tasks you know you should do but just can't find the time or resources. We carry out these short (30-45 days or less) jobs on your behalf or in partnership with you. All Level Up jobs are focussed on meeting a 90-day Objective.


Our Kick-start assessment identifies specific actions you can take in the next 90 days to trigger and/or systematise the process of acquiring and retaining customers.

The assessment uncovers the strengths of and the opportunities for your current digital marketing program. We help you zero-in on your top 90-day objective and specific actions to achieve it.

How it works

Our assessment starts will a full examination of your digital marketing activities including the experience across the entire customer journey covering your website, social media, content marketing, email marketing & paid media. What are you doing? Where? Why? How is it measured? We also evaluate how your audience is reacting to your marketing activities.

We then work with you to identify your 12-month and 90-day objectives as far as growth is concerned. These will be shaped by your company goals, stage and business model.

We may find for example that all-out growth is not what you need right now. Investing some time to prove there's a market for your solution will save time and money. We're not afraid to be brutally honest if we think it will help you succeed.

Once we've settled on a 90-day growth objective, we'll discuss our recommendations for immediate action steps to tackle over the following 90 days. We'll cover a range of costings and timescales to find the best fit with your ambition and budget.

If you want to proceed, we'll move to the Level Up stage. That starts with helping you work-up a resourced, costed and scheduled Game Plan which we'll help you implement over the next 90 days. We (or you) may however decide not to continue for whatever reason, in which case we'll wish you the best of luck.

Contact us to discuss if this could be a fit for you. We do however only work with founders and business leaders who are serious about making the commitment it takes.


Level Up

We work with you and your company to help implement a growth system so you can meet your growth Objectives.

We do this on a rolling basis over time as a series of 90-day growth Sprints. A growth Sprint is a 90-day burst of focussed action with a clear objective and key metrics. You only ever commit to one 90-day Sprint at a time. During each Sprint we help you implement a bunch of Level Up projects.

Our team takes on the important tasks that you know you should probably tackle, but just can’t find the time or resources to do so.

Growth Sprints

These Level Up projects are short duration (30-45 days or less) self-contained assignments that move your growth marketing goals forward. Some of them without you having to lift a finger. Others, will require more of an input from you and your team. There are dozens of Level Up projects we can handle for you, and we’d be delighted to look at custom assignments too.

Level Up projects cover the various topics in your Game Plan and typically include a few from customer research, content marketing, email marketing and social media. All are geared around meeting the growth Objective for the Sprint.

We’re adding new Level Up projects all the time and we’d love to talk about a custom project with you.

How it works

You will need to have completed an initial Game Plan before we can proceed with these services. This ensures that all activities tie-back to your business and marketing goals - as well as to avoid running in circles on random tactics. We will update the Game Plan for each new Sprint to reflect who's going to do what and when. It also tracks technology and paid media costings.

We use the Growth Canvas framework that we have refined over the past 7 years or so with clients and on our own projects.

We pre-agree with you, a package of Level Up projects for each 90-day Sprint. The projects we undertake will depend on how ambitious your goals are, as well your budget. We also pre-agree an overriding 90-day Objective and its key metrics.

Interviews, progress check-ins, etc. are all conducted virtually unless pre-agreed. In-person check-ins will incur higher costs depending on location but the further from central London the higher the costs will be. We will generally check-in monthly unless otherwise agreed.

At each check-in we review progress, what's working, what isn't and what to try next. Our Growth Canvas framework approach is largely driven by experiments.

Clients find immense value in these regular check-ins as it helps them stay accountable, focussed and on-track.

All Sprints also include online access to the relevant Engorah consultant via email (and optionally a project management tool like Slack or Basecamp).

As we approach the end of a 90-day period, we agree the scope and budget for the next one. All the while, we work in partnership with you to reach your goals.

We do not believe in lock-ins and are happy to vary the budget and scope from one 90-day period to the next. We'll always advise, with as much notice as possible, on any anticipated impact to your Objectives and goals as we progress for whatever reason.


Your investment in the Level Up program starts at £1,250 excluding VAT per month, dependent on your ambition and your budget. 50% payable upfront and the balance payable at the end of each 90-day period. Scale-up, dial-down or cancel from one 90-day period to the next.

The baseline plan includes:

  •  Monthly one-hour accountability & progress check-in
  •  Monthly two-hour growth strategy advisory / workshop session
  •  Access to your growth advisor online via email and/or Slack/Basecamp or equivalent

Here are some of the add-on Level Up projects we handle:

  • Social media content strategy & ideas
  • Content marketing (including but not just blog) strategy & ideas
  • Email marketing strategy & setup
  • SEO strategy & setup
  • Social media ads plan
  • Website design & implementation
  • Marketing automation strategy, tools evaluation & setup
  • Customer success strategy, tools evaluation & setup, e.g. live chat, chat bot
  • Competitor & global best-in-class peer benchmarking
  • Google AdWords strategy & setup, e.g. for performance tracking
  • Growth performance dashboard setup
  • Customer journey map
  • Positioning and value proposition statements
  • Customer research & avatar (aka persona) development
  • Customer development process (to help you reach product / market fit)

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